Zillow is an industry leader in the housing market. People look to them for information on home values and estimates of what their home could be worth. But should you trust Zillow? There are many opinions about this, and we will talk about some things that make it difficult to trust Zillow with the true value of your Central Virginia house.

Zillow does not take into account the actually housing market in your specific area. It uses and therefore provides data that is broad, and doesn’t offer as much context for Central Virginia homes as most would like. The value of a home on Zillow can be affected by many variables such as location, condition of the house and it’s size, and the accuracy of these “zestimates” will vary to some degree from the actual value of the home, as well as other factors depending on where you live in Central Virginia. Additionally, neighborhoods that are often more expensive than other areas because they have better schools or proximity to certain things like parks or shopping centers

Fact: Zillow has been reported to average anywhere from 18 to 20 percent higher or lower in home estimates.

The point is that Zillow does provide a good “ballpark” estimate for most houses. However, if you want to find out the real value of your home in Central Virginia, you could contact a real estate agent or appraiser. Or you can call us at (804) 294-3176 and we will provide real world value of what it is worth on the open market.

When we determine what your property is worth, in order to make an offer, we look at the same date as an agent or appraiser. However, because we are a cash buyer, purchasing as-is, without any fees or closing costs, we will likely offer a little less, however we are able to offer you a fair price for your property.

To see if we can buy your house, find out the value of your home in Central Virginia or contact us with questions, please call us at (804) 294-3176 or email us at info@webuyvaproperties.com

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